Hot Ticket: Album Release Expo @ Strathmore Friday, February 1st


This is a monstrosity of an album release show if you ever saw one. Originally, February 1st at Strathmore was just meant to inaugurate experimental outfit Bellflur‘s new album Twelve Vagrant Monologues From the Last Living Star, but the group is twisting the idea of a release show in a whole new way.

The show is designed more as an art exposition than a traditional showcase. In addition to their release, ExitClov and The Echo Wall will be celebrating album releases on this night, with a host of local performers which include my personal favorites, Typefighter and Bearshark. Dance performers, actors, authors and several works of art will come together under one roof to create the ultimate concert experience.

I’m thoroughly impressed with what has been planned here, and I think this sets precedent for other groups to step outside the box a little when it comes to their performances. Tickets can be bought for $12 in advance or $15 DOS.

Here’s the 411 on what’s happening February 1st (with even more TBA):

Show time: Feb 1st @ 8:30p

Venue: Strathmore

Musical Performances by:
the Echo Wall
the Ten Thousand

Dance Performances by:
The Beth Elliot Dance Group

Acting Performances by:
Grain of Sand Theatre

Art Displays by:
Ben Tolman
Goodloe Byron
Rich Bernett
Beth Farnstrom
William Holloway