Five Best Live Music Events on Inauguration Weekend (That Aren’t Sold Out)

inauguration day 2009

Whether you like it or not, D.C. will be a shit show this weekend with the inauguration, with plenty of things happening that makes it tough to figure out just where exactly to go. Fortunately, there are a few good live music options to choose from that surprisingly are NOT sold out this weekend. In no particular order, here are the five best shows happening over inauguration weekend:

Friday– The DMV Ball featuring Oddisee, Diamond District, Sean Born, Kaimbr, Quartermaine, DJ Roddy Rod + The Low Budget Crew. Show 11:59p/Tickets $15 advance/$20 DOS

The $20 DOS ticket price is really a steal for what you get out of this show. Even those who aren’t as familiar with D MV hip-hop have passed Oddisee’s name at some point in the last year, with his brazen release People Hear What They See garnering near instant success. Joining him are some of the most talented lyricists to be bred out the city, The Diamond District, who can also pull a solid performance. It’s probably wise to get tickets in advance for this show-as my best guess is, this will have a high chance of selling-out.

Saturday-Chopteeth Afrofunk Big Band @ IOTA Club. Show 9p/Tickets $15

Compared to the other studded inauguration balls on this list, this show does seem to be an outlier at first-but if you think about how much intensity this band brings to a live show-it’s pretty much like a party within itself. If you haven’t seen Chopteeth yet, it’s a live show that everyone should see at least once in D.C. Their presence is usually too big for the room (literally and figuratively). Not the one to dance at a show? You will most likely be the odd one out-this is one show to let it all hang loose and enjoy the dynamic experience that Chopteeth delivers.

Saturday-M Central Inauguration Ball @ M Central [700 H Street NE]. Tickets $75

The ticket price might be a bit above the rest on the list, but think in terms of how much you’re getting out of one show. An open bar, sets from Oddisee, The Funk Ark and more-it seems like money well spent. Not to mention, all the festivities will be housed in the city’s latest pop-up venue birthed by No Kings Collective in partnership with the Millennial Trains Project, and The New America Foundation. In addition to music, they’ll be an expansive collection of artwork displayed throughout to add a nice touch to the festivities.

The Funk Ark

Sunday-Funk 4 Peace Inauguration Ball featuring DJ Nu-Mark, Fort Knox Five, All Good Funk Alliance, Qdup Foundation, Nappy Riddem, and Empresarios @ U St Music Hall. Show 9p/Tickets $10

With a hearty mix between the bill of Caribbean beats, hip-hop and everything in-between, this is a show that will keep the energy flowing for the entire night. Similar to the DMV Ball, this is another show that’s highly undervalued at just 10 bucks DOS-expect some top-notch DJ sets and a hangover the next day after staying up till 4am.

Fort Knox Five

All Good Funk Alliance

Sunday-Inauguration Eve @ M Central [700 H Street NE]. Show 8p/Tickets $20 advanced/$25 DOS

If you missed the inauguration ball at M Central, this is another good opportunity to head down to H Street. U.S. Royalty and Shark Week together is blissful-there’s nothing that can go wrong with a bill like that. If you’re looking for an event that will leave your live music search fulfilled-this is the show you’re looking for. Shark Week manages to always impress me-these guys JUST released their debut EP, and now are heading to Austin in March to play the official SXSW line-up-this is my best bet for Sunday.