DMD Podcast

Best Albums of 2012 Podcast


Written By: Stephanie Williams

Sifting through the good, the bad, and the ugly, December calls for DMD to recap the best of what 2012 had to bare. There were no hard and fast rules when it came to deciding favorites The albums I chose were outliers compared to other releases in D.C. Each of these releases weren’t afraid to experiment and take a few risks without any apologies. But, experimentation only goes so far here-most importantly, each album is solidly tightened up. What can be revered is the amount of precision on each piece of work. Paul Vodra from Hometown Sounds was kind enough to have me on his weekly podcast show to countdown my top six albums. In no particular order, they are:

The Sea LifeIn Basements

Janel and AnthonyWhere is Home

Frau EvaUnderneath Eyelids

Deleted ScenesYoung’s People Church of the Air (re-released in 2012)

Imperial ChinaHow We Connect

The Young RapidsDay Light Savings


Meanwhile, Paul’s were (in no particular order, either):

Drop ElectricSummer Sampler Platter

The Funk ArkHigh Noon

Imperial ChinaHow We Connect

MisunThe Sea

The Young RapidsDay Light Savings

Heavy BreathingBody Problems


DMD will also have a staff picks list of best albums and songs from this year, out next week. For now, listen to our collaborative podcast with Hometown Sounds as we look at the best of 2012.