DMD’s 2012 Holiday Music Gift Guide (On a Budget)



Are you looking for a gift on the cheap, but perhaps also want to be a bit more creative than just shelling out ten bucks for an iTunes gift card? Whatever your holiday shopping needs are, we’ve gathered a comprehensive list of some of the more practical gifts to satisfy the musically inclined, that also are all 80 bucks and under. In order of price:

Beer Holder For Music Stand. Retail: $9.99

If you’ve had too many moments where you’ve kicked a full cup of beer on the floor, on your equipment or other cherished items-consider this cheap but practical gift. This holder will fit a number of music stands with a nice look that’s not too bulky.


Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock ‘n Roll Group by Ian Svenonius. Retail: $14

An intriguing piece from The Make-Up and The Nation of Ulysses member Ian Svenonius as he takes a thought provoking look into the music industry while throwing his own well-constructed two cents of advice for aspiring musicians. Svenonius comprehensively touches on every aspect you could possibly want to know about the business-and is unrelenting in his anecdotes-but all done in good taste and humor.



Zipbuds JUICED Earphones. Retail: $19.99

Tired of spending time trying to untangle the ear buds you just untangled a few minutes ago? A new solution: zip-up earphones! You’ll also receive custom-fitted ear tips included with your purchase.

How Music Works by David Bryne. Retail: $21.12

How Music Works extends itself beyond being another piece of literature focused on the current woes of the music industry and instead shifts its focus to the future tense. Bryne shares his insight about the business and his crafted stories on his own experiences, including (of course) his time with the Talking Heads. Whether you’re a skeptic of whatever insight he shares within its pages, it makes for an intriguing read, nonetheless.


DIY Guitar Pick Punch. Retail: $24.99

Pressed for time and can’t find a guitar pick ASAP? Turn nearly any household item into one with a click of a punch.


Custom Vinyl Clock. Retail: $38

The clock was originally designed by artist Jeff Davis, who was inspired by various vinyl covers, logos and textures to create a timeless wall display. You can choose from a wide-spectrum of genre covers that will help customize your gift.

iPad Music Holder. Retail: $39.99

If you’ve got a tech-savvy musician friend in your life that also has the kind of money to throw down on an iPad, this is one handy gift they’ll be thankful for. The “iKlip” also has a multi-angle adjustable design for use in variety of settings, with a clean port that allows for optimal use.


Vinyl Record Tie. Retail: $40

An accessory that gets the job done of looking cleaned up-but with a statement, of course.


Urbanears Plattan Headphones. Retail: $60

These headphones are not only stylish-but also actually have some decent sound quality. The headband comes nicely padded and folds down to a fraction of its size for easy portability. The only tough part about picking out this gift is deciding between the endless amount of color options.



SWIZZ-CT Swizz Army 6-in-1 Intelligent Cable Tester. Retail: $79

Tired of wasting valuable practice  time fixing busted audio cables? This machine will most likely be your saving grace, with the capability of testing six different kinds of cables, and is relatively easy to use.


Honorable Mention:
Spotify Premium or Unlimited Account. Retail $4.99 or $9.99/mo

This gift is really a win in two big ways-one, you can make it as cheap as you want, and two-it’s almost guaranteed to be used. The best option on this one is the unlimited-which does the basic job of getting rid of the ads with no time constraints on listening. If you really want to be generous, the premium will do all of that plus offer mobile access, increased sound quality, offline listening and releases that aren’t available on general Spotify accounts.