Listening Session: Shows on Deck This Week

Ted Leo
Ted Leo


Don’t you hate it when a good show slips under your radar? Exactly. We’ve cherry picked some of our must-see shows that you should know going into the week.

MondayThe Tender Thrill @ Galaxy Hut. Show 9p/Cover $5

Sonically revering in a cross-line between Bruce Springsteen and The Rolling Stones, The Tender Thrill brings back the nostalgia of rock and roll during the genre’s most prominent eras. The trio released a self-titled debut album on Valentine’s Day this year, which embraces a retro-rock tone that doesn’t feel outdated or overdone compared to similar works.



Wednesday-Canned Food Drive/Thanksgiving Show @ Velvet Lounge. Show 9p/Tickets $5

Singer/songwriter Molly Hagen teams up with Rich Mahogany and New York based band Watermelon for  Velvet Lounge’s 3rd annual canned food drive. Proceeds from the show will benefit Martha’s Table, and the whole event will be broadcast live by internet radio station Hometown Sounds.



WednesdayThe Mean Season and Silo Halo @ Black Cat Backstage. Doors 8p/Tickets $10

Adding to the supreme venue of the Black Cat Backstage are some of the District’s strongest bands of the moment, The Mean Season and Silo Halo . Armed with the melancholy vocals of The Mean Season’s frontwoman, punched with soul and emotion, the trio’s self-titled debut EP (released in April ’12) relinquished a polished and mature sound that made it difficult to believe that this was only the first offering from the group.  Their pairing with Silo Halo is an appropriate choice, with Christin Durham’s chilling vocals and solid musicianship of the band capping off a bill that secures our pick for the week.

Rosalind (live) by Silo Halo



Thursday-Moombahton Massive Two-Year Anniversary @ U St. Music Hall. Doors 9p/Tickets $8

If you’re still in D.C. because you were too lazy, too broke or all of the above to travel home for Thanksgiving, there are still some options left on the table. DJs and producers Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom (collectively known as Nadastrom) boast an impressive collaboration list comprised of Benny Benassi, Christina Aguilera, Waka Flocka Flame, the Death Set and Alex Clare. The D.C.-bred, and now L.A. based, duo will throw a huge bash to celebrate the city’s Prime movement, Moombahton, with Canadian-based A Tribe Called Red.



SaturdayAstra Via @  DC9. Show 9p/Tickets $8

Astra Via’s latest release, Folie à Deux, wasn’t a game changer to the D.C. scene by any means. But, there were several positive things to come out of the album. One, that it solidified the fact that Olivia Mancini is a talented force that is incomparable to most female artists in the area, while also showing that Astra Via can be multi-dimensional rather than one-noted in their musical ability. Layering thoughtful emotional depth into their live performances, Astra Via is more like a veteran band in a novice disguise.



SaturdayTed Leo @ St. Stephen’s. Show 6p/Tickets $10

Positive Force D.C. will host a benefit show for Bradley Manning, an opening gay U.S. solider accused of passing on sensitive military documents to Wikileaks, with a solo performance from headliner Ted Leo. Several other D.C. bands will also join him on the bill, including Laughing Man, Southern Problems and Jail Solidarity.

The Lies of Handsome Men by tedleo