STPP Fest Part 2: Mellow Mushroom 10.7.12

Published On October 11, 2012 | By Stephanie Williams | Shows

Reviewed By: Gregory Ayers

Photos By: John-Paul Zajackowski


Lost Civilizations


This past Sunday, I swung by the Mellow Mushroom stage to catch the last batch of what STPP fest had to offer this year-which included D.C. based acts Technicians and Lost Civilizations.

Technicians took the stage at 7:50. Technicians were a tight unit. They played a hard-charging set, encompassing a smorgasbord of styles – punk, grunge, metal, and arty-instrumentals, to name a few. The stylistic variety was refreshing, and kept the set from being stale.

Navid Marvi’s vocals didn’t quite shine through on this night, but this was overshadowed by the impressive twin-guitar assault brought by Marvi and lead guitarist Nick Glover. The rhythm section – comprised of Ryan Hobbs on bass and Steve Smith on drums – hammered away, keeping band members in lockstep with each other.

Following shortly after was Lost Civilizations- an experimental music project that sounded a little bit like avant-garde expressionism or free jazz. Though they sometimes perform as a quartet, tonight LC consisted of Mike Sebastian on the saxophone and other reed instruments, and T.A. Zook on the basscello.

LC’s music was contemplative, atonal, and sometimes head-scratching. It seemed more at home in an art gallery than a bar blaring Chris Berman and the Sunday Night Football crew.

Sebastian and Zook played anyway, and their movements and facial expressions clearly expressed passion for their music – no matter the environment.  Overall, an eclectic and expansive group of D.C. based musicians to bring the boisterous STPP festival to a close.

Check out our exclusive footage of Lost Civilizations’ set:




And now time for the rest of the photos from the night’s festivities:


Pluto and the Moon

The Fire Tapes

Electric Low

Electric Low

Divining Rod



Lost Civilizations

Lost Civilizations

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