STPP Fest Part 2: Mellow Mushroom 10.7.12

Published On October 11, 2012 | By Stephanie Williams | Shows

Reviewed By: Gregory Ayers

Photos By: John-Paul Zajackowski


Lost Civilizations


This past Sunday, I swung by the Mellow Mushroom stage to catch the last batch of what STPP fest had to offer this year-which included D.C. based acts Technicians and Lost Civilizations.

Technicians took the stage at 7:50. Technicians were a tight unit. They played a hard-charging set, encompassing a smorgasbord of styles – punk, grunge, metal, and arty-instrumentals, to name a few. The stylistic variety was refreshing, and kept the set from being stale.

Navid Marvi’s vocals didn’t quite shine through on this night, but this was overshadowed by the impressive twin-guitar assault brought by Marvi and lead guitarist Nick Glover. The rhythm section – comprised of Ryan Hobbs on bass and Steve Smith on drums – hammered away, keeping band members in lockstep with each other.

Following shortly after was Lost Civilizations- an experimental music project that sounded a little bit like avant-garde expressionism or free jazz. Though they sometimes perform as a quartet, tonight LC consisted of Mike Sebastian on the saxophone and other reed instruments, and T.A. Zook on the basscello.

LC’s music was contemplative, atonal, and sometimes head-scratching. It seemed more at home in an art gallery than a bar blaring Chris Berman and the Sunday Night Football crew.

Sebastian and Zook played anyway, and their movements and facial expressions clearly expressed passion for their music – no matter the environment.  Overall, an eclectic and expansive group of D.C. based musicians to bring the boisterous STPP festival to a close.

Check out our exclusive footage of Lost Civilizations’ set:




And now time for the rest of the photos from the night’s festivities:


Pluto and the Moon

The Fire Tapes

Electric Low

Electric Low

Divining Rod



Lost Civilizations

Lost Civilizations

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2 Responses to STPP Fest Part 2: Mellow Mushroom 10.7.12

  1. Ted Zook says:

    Thanks for Gregory Ayers’ nice review and John-Paul Zajackowski’s outstanding videography of the Lost Civilizations STPP Fest performance posted at .

    If you’d like to hear more of what we do, free downloads of recent (within the past two months) performances are posted at: (August 18 benefit for the Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music, featuring Doug Kallmeyer on electronics) (August 21 performance by Doug Kallmeyer, Ben Broeking & T. A. Zook @ Dynasty Ethiopian Restaurant) (September 18 performance at Dynasty Ethiopian Restaurant) (September 29 performance featuring Jerry Busher at the Great Hall of the Atlas Performing Arts Center for the 2012 Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music) (October 7 performance at Adams Morgan’s Mellow Mushroom in the STPPMMXII Festival) (October 8 performance featuring Ben Azzara on percussion at Arlington’s Galaxy Hut)

    Our next performance is an October 16 benefit for the Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music at Dynasty Ethiopian Restaurant (details:, then we perform on October 26 at DelRay’s FireFlies Restaurant (details:

    All the best,

    Ted Zook

  2. Ted Zook says:

    I am happy to report the release of “Lost Civilizations Live at Audiofest 2012″ by the Italian Ozky e-sound netlabel:

    Massimo Croce and his Ozky e-sound netlabel ( have done trail-blazing work in documenting the past, present and future of experimental music. This is our third release on Ozky e-sound, following and . We are grateful for his support of the music we are privileged to have come through us, which has enabled it to reach a global audience that it could not have reached otherwise.

    I should note that all Ozky e-sound releases are downloadable for free; Sig. Croce’s efforts to share this music as widely and as freely as possible through the Internet is most inspiring.

    For those interested in seeing the Lost Civilizations experimental music project on stage, our next appearance is October 26 at FireFlies Restaurant, which is located in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria (details: