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Written By: Stephanie Williams


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Recounting all the local shows I’ve seen thus far, there are definitely performances that have impressed me. In very rare instances, however, am I completely blown away by a band so much to the point that I’ve had to listen to their tracks the minute I got home-and have been on repeat ever since that moment.

This is exactly what happened the minute I witnessed Heavy Breathing perform at Cherry Blast on Saturday, April 21st. Breezing past through one mind trip of a track onto the next, I couldn’t help but not take my eyes off of this dynamic trio. Something magical was happening at the Lightbox in Anacostia at that moment; a sense of cohesiveness both on stage and off  that was such a force of energy in the room that you couldn’t fight it. After it was over, I knew my night was complete.

The band is comprised of Erick Jackson (guitarist), Amanda Kleinman (synth and keyboard) and Jeff Schmid (drums). In 1999, the group started the band The Apes, and played over 500 shows together with a few other vocalists before starting Heavy Breathing in 2010 as a trio. With the new group came some changes musicially, as they replaced the live singing element of their material and incorporated more electronic sounds into their instrumentation. This process, in turn, gave birth to some well-mixed tracks full of killer hooks, cutting riffs and catchy beats that you will never be able to get out of your head. Be warned.

Heavy Breathing is set to release a new album, called Body Problems, in the next few weeks. Until then, the band released some material off their new album to get fans (which includes myself) looking forward to what’s in store soon. Preview “Rock Mountain” and “The Van”, along with other previously released tracks from the band below. My other personal favorites are “Blood Electric” and “All The Children”.

Visit Heavy Breathing’s official website and Facebook page for more information about the group.













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    This band kicks ass in so many ways

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    saw them at cherry blast too, they were amazing

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    Repulsive. Absolutely sick and vile. The creep in the ski mask ‘joking’ about the ‘special pizza’ and how some prefer little boys and some prefer little girls…you are disgusting and degenerate in every way.

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      They are all gong to be exposed very soon!!! So nasty!!

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    The truth will come soon;) you are sick!!!!